Gimme a BEET


I've been shooting Skin Food by Aubrey products this past year, and one photograph has stood out among the rest as a personal favorite between us.

Gimme a BEET Print | Skin Food by Aubrey +

It was really fun to come up with a creative giveaway with her for her Instagram Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways. Since she is such a good friend, she encouraged me to sell this beauty in my print shop. Even though I take thousands of photographs, it's still nice to hear someone say that a certain picture inspires them. Sometimes we lose a connection with our art because are viewing it on screens and it is so easily forgotten once we edit or post it. When we touch it with our hands, the pixels have a different effect on us. This was a really proud moment for me!

You can see more print options in the link below. I personally like the rug for a kitchen!

Tether & Fly | Society6 Shop

In other news, I took those heels right off as soon as she snapped that picture.