Summer 2019


I neglected this space for the bulk of this year. I’ve taken a break this summer from classes to focus on improving my techniques for immunohistochemistry in my new research lab. I’ve also been working in some freelance photography, emergency department scribing, and time for myself to rest. It has been nice to feel like a person again, and this couldn’t have been a better way to spend my time and replenish motivation for fall semester.

I’m still tethered to Dayton right now, but can I really complain when there are so many wonderful people and lovely nooks of this city? I think not.

St Anne the Tart in Dayton | Potato Quiche
Summer Flowers at St Anne the Tart
Photo Jul 30, 8 37 56 PM.jpg
St Anne the Tart
St Anne the Tart | Cafe on the hill in Dayton

Hope this summer has been just as colorful and refreshing for you.