Last week was a blur of three midterms, a term paper rough draft (on how our gut microbiomes might affect stress responses- my favorite), and a chemistry paper (on kinetics and rate laws- not my favorite). Just as I thought I was going to quietly crawl through the finish line for the week, Damian reminded me that we had VIP breakfast at his school.

My first thought was that I would lose a precious half hour of sleep that I really needed. But Damian's eyes were bright with excitement.. and... he's my Achilles.*

One look at his excited face and exhaustion was quickly replaced with gratitude. He reminded me that it's a dream come true to be able to go to breakfast with him. Even though it seems like a lifetime ago, I fought hard for this privilege.

I made sure to have fresh hot coffee and took my frizzy paper typing hair to our breakfast.

It was magnificent.

*His full name is Damian Achilles, and I like to refer to him and his brother, Kevin, as my "sweet Achilles (heel)."

**Can you believe we named Damian, "Patron Saint of Physicians" and "Achilles," years before I even considered finishing my degree and adding pre-med courses? Life is interesting.