Believing the wind was too severe & the string to be a shackle, I misunderstood
their objective.
Their purpose is not to tie me down, but instead, to balance my ascension.

-Andrea Doziér
Author of the blog Tether & Fly 

Tether & Fly has become my mantra. For me it illustrates the simplicity of flying a kite. The tether that pulls me down is also part of the formula for my flight. It is the way I view my journey of becoming a whole & happy single mama. I have needed to embrace an edited state of mind to delicately tread this bewildering territory. Although I still reside in the same little cottage, my once assumed utopia has been distinctly redesigned. 

It gives me a great deal of peace to note that the alterations are not solely in the landscape, but also in the reflection of the courage I see in my own eyes.  

The journey from the initial breakdown to where i am now has been hard fought. I am acquainted with the resentment of being tied to a pattern that does not always behave kindly. It would be easy to believe that my life is the leftover of an abandoned ideal. Sometimes the fantasy of being lost in a more exotic zip code delightfully distracts me from the hum of the conventional.

Sorting laundry
Packing lunches
Scrambling to get inside the car before 7:45
7:48 at the very latest
Brothers fighting during grocery checkout lanes
Double checking the bank account
Triple checking the red homework folder
Avoiding sideway glances of confused neighbors

Many nights, my head is resting on my pillow while my sons' future is weighing heavy on my mind.

Pinterest tells me that Sophia Loren said, "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. You are connected to your child and to all those who touch your lives. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” 

Although intermittent reveries tempt me to nest in a new place, I am aware that we are thriving here. This community helps me nourish & raise my sons with both our families' support. It is also the place I have been building my career as a freelance photographer

Understanding their purpose, I have embraced the tethers that anchor me here. The tasks of the ordinary take on fresh meaning. Joy has returned to the dwelling where grief used to lodge. Thankfulness replaces jealousy. My heart swells with gratitude for each opportunity to kiss my boys' beautiful cheeks and proudly sing our favorite songs. Cheering for my favorite baseball player is an honor. My mission is clear & my redemption is in the gift of each new morning as their mama. 

Instead of worrying that the strings are a nuisance or the wind will overwhelm me, I expose myself to the forces that used to intimidate me.
My heart is lifted and my soul is airborne. 

Tether & Fly was created to bring a voice to the enterprise of starting over. 

Thank you for being here with me, 



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