Hi there! I'm Andrea Doziér and I am a freelance photographer, writer, & mama from Dayton, Ohio. I've been blogging sporadically since 2008 and have never mastered the art of a clever bio. I asked my good friend, Justine of "This Little Place," to ask me some questions to make this easier.  


My sons!

Kevin is 8 and he is intelligent and always happiest when he is creating something. Whether it's a handmade grappling hook or a Cyclops visor, he is always ambitious about his inventions. He is starting to be too cool to ride bikes with me and rarely allows me to take his picture. Third grade is waiting for him. He keeps me honest when I can't remember the difference between a manta ray and a sting ray.

Damian is 4 and he is affectionately called by a few nicknames. The day we brought him home from the hospital, I sat in the back seat with both of my sons. Kevin leaned over and whispered, "I sure love my little Ocean Diver." This was four year old Kevin's idea for Damian's name. Damian forever became my little Ocean. His middle name, Achilles, is an ode to his dad tearing his Achilles tendon shortly before he was born. He is often, "Damian Ocean," "Ocean Achilles" and also "Day Day." Depending on the mood I'm in when I'm writing, I typically call him all of these names.  

Damian is feisty & sweet. He likes to tell terrible knock knock jokes and we have regular staring contests. His sense of humor is awesome. The combination of his strength and fearlessness wears me out, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR: The flavor is just a detail, it is more important where we go for it! My family comes from a small town and we try to make a point to visit Dietsch Brothers when we visit my parents. Their strawberry shakes make me feel like a little girl again. Their distinct flavor is everything good about how I grew up. Since I'm an Ohio girl, I also favor Jeni's anytime I can have it. 

WHAT IS IN YOUR NETFLIX QUE? Hahaha, my sons have taken over that! By the time I find something to watch I am bored from searching. Every once in a while I get a marathon Hulu fix with 'New Girl,' 'The Mindy Project,' 'Brooklyn 99' or 'Modern Family.'  

FAVORITE CAMERA? My "vintage" iPhone 4. Though I laugh at how old it is, it has actually taught me a lot about photography & light because of its simplicity. The majority of my Instagram feed is from my dear old phone. Professionally, I prefer my Nikon D700.

WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU DO? The nice thing about being a photographer is the variety of assignments I can pursue. I have been photographing weddings & occasional portraits in a boutique fashion since 2009. My original background is in Visual Communications, so I also have found a niche in working with local women owned businesses to help with their brand development as well as product & commercial photography. I love the challenge of translating their story, hard work, & identity into a visual story. I also spent some time as a newborn photographer at a couple local hospitals. I am proudly a baby whisperer. 

Thank you for understanding
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